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Safran Seats (Aerospace) Increases OEE and OTIF by 30% with POET Systems

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    Executive Summary:

    Globally renowned high-tech tier-1 supplier of systems and equipment in the Aerospace and Defence markets (Safran Seats), partnered with POET Systems to significantly improve their aftermarket on-time in full (OTIF) and new product introduction (NPI) delivery. Through the implementation of POET’s productivity improvement solutions, Safran Seats achieved a remarkable 30% increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and OTIF.

    Client Introduction

    Safran Seats, based in Cwmbran and Newport, is a world leader in aircraft passenger and crew seats and aftermarket sales. As part of the Safran group, they employ over 92,000 people worldwide and have a massive global presence.

    The Challenge

    Following a meeting between POET Systems and Dafydd Davies, VP Operations at Safran Seats, it was identified that Safran aimed to significantly improve their aftermarket OTIF and NPI delivery. They needed to be more competitive by delivering productivity improvement in the manufacturing of primary parts.

    The Goal


    • Improve aftermarket on-time in full (OTIF) and new product introduction (NPI) delivery 
    • Enhance productivity and competitiveness in manufacturing 
    • Optimise data management for identifying improvement opportunities 
    • Streamline the machining process for faster turnaround using best-in-class solutions 
    The Solution

    Safran Seats partnered with POET Systems to address their challenges and achieve their objectives. POET provided a holistic approach, considering factors such as engagement, ease of implementation, and software solutions. The focus areas for improvement included data management and the optimisation of the machining process.

    POET implemented their real-time performance data software, providing Safran Seats with accurate insights into their manufacturing process efficiency. By leveraging the analytics and data-driven decision-making capabilities of POET’s solution, Safran Seats was able to identify and capitalise on improvement opportunities.

    Results and Benefits:

    Through the partnership with POET Systems, Safran Seats achieved outstanding results and experienced numerous benefits, including:

    Increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and OTIF by 30%

    Real-time access to accurate performance data for better decision-making.

    Identification of improvement opportunities for enhanced efficiency.

    Streamlined production processes leading to faster turnaround times.

    Cultivated a culture of continuous improvement and confidence in their capabilities.

    Safran Seats graph showing 30% increase of OEE and OTIF after adopting POET Software

    OEE and OTIF Increase by 30%

    POET implementation process

    Leveraging their expertise in manufacturing and OEE implementation, POET Systems guided Safran Seats through the implementation process. The collaboration encompassed mapping the existing process, improving data management systems, and optimising the machining process using best-in-class solutions. The implementation process was successful and resulted in outstanding achievements.


    The strategic partnership between Safran Seats and POET Systems has not only optimised the manufacturing process but also ingrained a culture of continuous improvement and efficiency. By leveraging real-time data insights and streamlining their operations, Safran Seats excels in delivering high-quality seating solutions to their clients, ensuring success for all stakeholders.

    Success for All

    At POET Systems, we are committed to driving improvement and productivity for our clients, enabling their success. Our tailored solutions and expertise in manufacturing and OEE implementation have consistently delivered outstanding results.

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