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    Company employee using POET on PC to view reports of the manufacturing factory

    Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

    POET software screen showing its simplicity and engagement
    Easily understood visual metrics for all employees
    Top level statistics giving you an overall picture OR drill down per line to isolate poor performers and issues
    Historical view to capture Continuous Improvement over time
    Automatic prioritisation of issues and actions

    Downtime Analysis Data (DAD)

    Priority issue targeting, directing resources effectively
    Historical view to capture Continuous Improvementover time
    Map machine Mean Time To Repair and Mean Time Before
    Failure to improve machine availability
    Easily map your attainmentto PM Schedule
    POET Screen -  replacing traditional paper systems with user-friendly, cloud-based dashboards 

    Root Cause Analysis (5 WHY Module)

    POET Screen grab -  replacing traditional excel spreadsheets with SAAS cloud-based reporting dashboards 
    Standardise root cause analysis with the 5 Why module
    Ensure resources are directed at root causes and eliminate repeat issues
    Track all open RCAs
    Linked with the Action Plan Module, ensure issues are closed out, lessons learned and processes strengthened

    Action & Improvement Plans

    Easily track all Open Actions
    Maintain management of resources required and ensure action timelines are met
    Historical view to capture Continuous Improvement over time
    Link actions by project, line or person to review detailed activity
    Deep dive analysis into Grade 4 actions (H&S related) vs Grade 3 (Major Financial Impact) etc.
    POET Screenshot showing the SAAS cloud-based reporting dashboards 

    What people are saying about POET

    What people are saying about POET