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Burtons Biscuit Co:
10% OEE Improvement in just 12 weeks with POET

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    The POET team on site with the Burton Biscuits Co team - Success Story - POET Systems
    Executive Summary:

    Burtons Biscuit Co, a renowned UK manufacturer since 1935, and famous for their ‘Jammie Dodgers’ and ‘Wagon Wheels’, enhanced their production efficiency OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) measure by 10% in just 12 weeks, by implementing POET software to track their OEE and drive change utilising their collaboration features.

    Client Introduction

    Burton Biscuit Co, with a legacy spanning over 85 years, Burtons has cemented its place in the food industry, employing over 2000 staff across multiple sites, including their key manufacturing facility in Llantarnam, South Wales.

    The Challenge

    Burtons faced challenges in tracking the real-time performance of their production lines. The absence of immediate data for short interval control (SIC) meetings hindered their productivity and the ability to meet hourly output targets.

    The Goal

    The primary goal was to implement a platform that could monitor production line performance hourly, and to then use this data at their regular team meetings throughout the day (SIC meetings), to enhance productivity and meet hourly targets consistently.

    The client needed a system that could manage the activities and actions generated at meetings alongside the OEE data, and ensure this information was available lineside (next to the production lines) for production operatives to monitor.

    The Solution

    POET Systems bespoke OEE software solution was implemented swiftly and quickly, ensuring hourly readings were available to the teams, and that through using the tracking features, Burtons Biscuits could:

    • Monitor hourly output by line.
    • Analyse waste, availability, and performance data.
    • Display color-coded KPI’s (red/green) to guide production teams on hourly status.
    • Hold regular meetings, assign actions and track progress in near real time.
    Results and Benefits:

    Post implementation, Burtons observed a substantial increase in OEE from 68% to 78% within 12 weeks. Improvements across availability, performance, and waste metrics were notable, as shown in the graph below.

    Burton's Biscuit Co - 12 weeks OEE improvement graph with POET Systems

    OEE Software
    Running in just
    3 weeks

    POET implementation process

    With decades of expertise in manufacturing and OEE implementation, POET Systems were able to take Burtons from Discovery to Launch within 3 weeks, including training all production operatives.


    The strategic partnership with POET Systems not only optimised Burtons Biscuit’s manufacturing process but also ingrained a culture of continuous improvement and efficiency.

    Burtons Biscuits were so satisfied, they’ve implemented POET across 3 additional manufacturing facilities.