West Midlands Manufacturing & Engineering Conference

17 March 2022

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POET Systems' Lynn Davies and Christopher Knight exhibiting at the 2022 East Midlands Manufacturing and Engineering Conference.

POET Systems supported East Midlands Manufacturing and Engineering Conference as part of the Derbyshire Festival of Business. The Manufacturing and Engineering conference is one of three key exhibition opportunities taking place as part of the festival, giving businesses an opportunity to increase visibility, create opportunities and to develop connections within this vital sector.

The team at POET engaged with companies from the East Midlands on the topic of providing digital solutions to the manufacturing sector. There were many prestigious companies in attendance, including Rolls Royce who gave a presentation on their digitalisation programme, ‘Factory of the Future’ and how this same industry 4.0 roadmap can help SMEs in all sectors of manufacturing.

The 2022 Conference highlighted some of the greatest challenges the sector has been, and is continuing to face with a significant focus on how digitisation is transforming the manufacturing sector where early adopters are gaining a competitive advantage by taking advantage of emerging technologies and trends.

The conference aimed to maintain the region's world-class industry position by exploring how to drive growth through Industrial Digitised Technologies and Industry 4.0 and how this can be made more accessible to the business community, supporting the move from strategy to delivery.

This year, the conference was delighted to be part of the D2N2 “The Future Is Now” campaign, which aims to support and encourage manufacturers, and in particular SMEs, to maintain their competitive edge by adopting digital tools and technologies as the pathway to greater productivity and growth. Working collaboratively with local partners and national bodies, the campaign will focus on inspiring management and leadership to embrace change, accelerate new products and processes and transform our historic manufacturing sector – the backbone of the region's economy.