Promoting POET at Smart Factory Expo

18 November 2021

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POET Systems' Phil Roberts and Laurence Woods exhibiting at the 2021 Smart Factory Expo.

POET Systems headed to Liverpool earlier this month for the Smart Factory Expo, part of Digital Manufacturing Week 2021.

The two-day event, held at Exhibition Centre Liverpool, is the industry’s biggest digital manufacturing show, bringing together the technologies enabling the digital manufacturing revolution and attracting thousands of visitors from across the UK and further afield.

Not only was it the first time many of the exhibitors, speakers and visitors had been together since the pandemic, but it was also the first time we’d had the chance to exhibit the POET platform at a major trade show.

It was interesting to see how far digital transformation in manufacturing has come in recent years, with an increasingly widespread understanding and adoption of digital tools and more manufacturers moving to cloud-based systems. But it was also interesting to see how far there is still to go in some areas and how fragmented things still are.

POET is ahead of the curve in many respects. We offer an advanced, cloud-based suite of tools tailor-made for manufacturers, but we focus on the production environment. What we discovered is that there are lots of tools that provide OEE outputs that show manufacturers where they are, but not so many tools like POET that actually guide manufacturers from that point to making the improvements and then monetising that improvement. That’s what sets POET apart and what impressed a lot of the people we spoke to.

POET was very well received. People appreciated that it was a complete solution and they could see how it could work with their systems and how it could improve their business; and aas a result, we’re going to be very busy over the next few months following up on some of those excellent conversations.