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13 November 2023

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By Phil Roberts, Director, POET Systems

Manufacturing productivity, representing roughly 10% of the UK economy, has never fully recovered following the 2008 financial turmoil. In fact, the UK’s economy has underperformed most comparable economies since then.

Introduction to POET Systems

Manufacturing and academia have long sought effective solutions for performance improvements, and better data management to improve productivity.

Our Bridgend-based parent company, Probe RTS, identified this gap and introduced POET, a productivity software that specifically addresses these needs. Whatever manufacturing sector you are in, POET is designed to ensure that your business reaches optimal productivity levels through real time data management, analytics, and continuous improvement systems.

Driving productivity

A standout feature of POET is its comprehensive design that targets productivity enhancement at every level of a business. POET isn’t just a tool for senior management; it’s for everyone. By providing every member within an organisation access to real-time performance data, this productivity software empowers them with the insight needed for continuous improvement.

Revolutionising real time data analysis in manufacturing

Manufacturing hinges on precise and accurate data. POET software has redefined how this data is presented and analysed for continuous improvement solutions. It streamlines the complex process of extracting actionable insights from raw data, allowing businesses to focus on refining their Value Adding Manufacturing Process. With a best-in-class set of measures, POET ensures that organisations spend their time working on tangible solutions.

Commercial benefits

Our expertise in data management and continuous improvement is evident in POET’s design. What makes POET different from other productivity software is its ease of deployment and user-friendly interface. Where other systems might take months to integrate, POET can be operational within a week, enabling businesses to start experiencing its benefits quickly.

Companies that have incorporated POET into their operations have witnessed remarkable results. On average, clients have reported up to a 30% surge in productivity, showcasing the software’s capability. Such growth is attributed to POET’s analytical prowess and its ability to involve both the workforce and management in the improvement process.

In an era where efficiency and continuous improvement are crucial, POET-Systems is the go-to productivity software for the manufacturing sector. By delivering real-time actionable data, POET redefines the way businesses operate and evolve.

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