A future tech mind: getting to know POET's intern Will Foster

28 November 2023

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Introduction to Will

Will is a 19-year-old Computer Science student from Leicestershire, currently studying at the University of Salford. He is also an intern at POET Systems. In this article, we ask Will about his internship and what he is learning working with the POET team.

The Journey to POET

The story of how Will landed his internship at POET Systems is closely tied to family connections – his father had worked alongside POET’s director Phil Roberts.

A rugby match with the Leicester Tigers against the Sale Sharks set the stage for discussions about an internship at POET. Despite Leicester losing!

A day in the life of a POET intern

Will has been working as a Software Developer for POET. Mainly focusing on client data onboarding. POET is built on large amounts of data that needs meticulous processing.

Will has been exploring methods to streamline this process and meets regularly with POET’s Lynn Davies and Chris Knight to discuss this, review progress and get their feedback.

Despite juggling a demanding university schedule, the flexibility and support offered at POET has helped him balance it all.

Academia meets the real world

Will attributes much of his programming skills to self-taught learning, he also acknowledges the role of his university education in refining his approach. A module centred on agile software development, for example, has been particularly helpful in enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Stand out project at POET

For Will, the task of automating manual data entry into the database was one of his favourite projects. Entrusted with the autonomy to select his programming language and methodology, this experience underscored the significance of innovation in streamlining processes. This has allowed Will to make a big impact to the productivity software and it has also benefitted the end-users of POET tremendously.

Learning curve

Beyond technical skills, Will's internship at POET has expanded his understanding of industry terminology and different key performance indicators (KPIs). Adapting to POET's native language and integrating with varied technologies have been instrumental in his developmental journey.

POET’s culture

The work culture at POET resonates with Will. The autonomy to choose projects and the collaborative spirit of his colleagues has made the experience enriching and one he has enjoyed. This dynamic environment, coupled with responsive feedback from clients, fuels POET's continuous evolution.

The uniqueness of the product

Will believes that POET's uniqueness lies in its adaptability. The software's trajectory of growth is shaped by client feedback, ensuring features are aligned with real-world demands. Having that kind of conversation and feedback from clients supports the company’s growth.

The significance of productivity data for manufacturers

Adopting productivity software like POET significantly influences operational costs across a business. Enhanced productivity equates to greater output with the same level of input, thereby decreasing the cost per unit and boosting profitability. However, the advantages don't stop there. Elevated productivity also speeds up product delivery times and optimises the use of resources like rented premises, minimising waste.

What next for Will?

Post-graduation, Will aspires to venture into the role of a Software Engineer, exploring new technologies and embracing unfamiliar challenges.

Phil Roberts, Director at POET says, “We're very lucky to have Will working with the POET team. He has already made such a positive impact on the product and how we work. If POET continues to excite Will, then we would like to think we could entice him to stay with us once his university education is complete!”

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