Case Studies


The Business/Organisation

Burton’s Biscuits, one of the UK’s largest biscuit manufacturers.

The Challenge

To improve asset availability, to improve running performance and to drive out waste at the company’s factory in Cwmbran, South Wales. The factory had begun its ‘manufacturing excellence’ programme, and engaged POET to help it direct its focus and deploy resources to the areas with the biggest challenges.

The Solution

We gathered data on Burton’s current production processes and gave site-wide training to staff on the advantages of making data-driven decisions. POET’s built-in analysis and performance-reporting tools allowed the manufacturing improvement team to work on the areas where the biggest impacts could be made.

The Result

Using POET’s built-in analysis tools, the improvement teams were given more time to focus on the value-add through their SIC (short interval control) meetings. Using POET’s performance-reporting tools helped the business improve productivity by more than 15%.

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