Introducing POET


POET is a series of easy to navigate, visual management, dashboards that instantly directs users to the high impact opportunities, down to line, product and failure mode level, across all process performance indicators using the OEE methodology.

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See how POET can benefit your business

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    POET Software on large screen

    Poetry in progress®, Poetry in process®, Poetry in performance®

    Company employee using POET on large screen PC to view reports of the manufacturing factory
    Imagine in a business the whole workforce aligned to make positive change and drive out waste through one platform, no more departmental metrics just one that adds value to the product and ensures you maximise output, improve quality and reduce the cost to produce.

    POET was established in 2005 by its founding directors who have over 50 years experience working across a broad range of manufacturing sectors.

    The company has developed a reputation as proven implementers and is led by a management team who have held senior leadership positions within their field in industry.

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    See how POET can benefit your business

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      POET is cost effective to integrate into your
      business with a quick return on investment.

      POET software screen showing its simplicity and engagement
      POET replaces your paper systems

      Saving you time and effort in creating Excel dashboards and freeing up your improvement team to work on the opportunities the analytics provides.

      POET engages the whole workforce

      From the person making the value add to the CEO of the business.

      POET is a single simple to understand system

      That your shop floor, middle and senior management use to drive and improve productivity and bottom-line performance.

      POET has reporting features

      Which displays and allows you to run daily meetings whether it’s on the shop floor or in the board room.

      POET allows the business metrics to be inputted at the value adding process

      Which means that your business improvement team do not waste their time working on the analytics to improve performance, they get on with the job of making positive change.

      POET can be up and running in your business within one week

      Its easy to install and roll out through our training programme within your business.

      POET Screenshot showing the SAAS cloud-based reporting dashboards 
      POET Screen -  replacing traditional paper systems with user-friendly, cloud-based dashboards 
      POET gives the process operators a voice though a comments system

      That gives extra detail as to their opinion on what went wrong, with what and at what time and magnitude, your service team can use this as extra information to address rout cause issues.

      POET allows you to look at not just your percentage opportunities

      But can also convert this to cost which gives you the choice on what is more important to work on.

      POET has an RCA module

      To generate actions to improve bottom line performance.

      POET has an action plan module for the improvement team and managers

      Who need to make improvements on the analytics which the software produces.

      POET when used to its full potential gives quick results

      In driving out waste and improving productivity for the business.

      POET Screen -  replacing traditional paper systems with user-friendly, cloud-based dashboards 

      What people are saying about POET

      What people are saying about POET