POET working with iconic British biscuit company, Fox’s Biscuits

Fox’s Biscuits, based in Batley, West Yorkshire, is now using POET software.

POET Systems is thrilled to announce that Fox’s Biscuits, based in Batley, West Yorkshire, is now using POET software.

After its recent acquisitions of Fox’s Biscuits and Burton’s Biscuits, Ferrero has merged these companies to form a new company, Fox’s Burton’s Companies UK. As a result, Ferrero has now become the third largest biscuit manufacturer in the UK.

Adopting POET

Burton’s Biscuits already use POET at both their Blackpool and Llantarnam sites, and now Fox’s Biscuits has also chosen this system for their shop floor data management system.

This will provide them with a view of their production productivity. They will utilise the data that POET generates to identify and act on the opportunities it presents. By involving all departments in the business, they will use a unified set of data to drive continuous improvement, which will engage the business at all levels.

Integrating POET

POET collaborated with the Fox’s Biscuits team at Batley to understand their production process. From this, they will input data into POET to establish a baseline for the product output, people, lines, and machines.

The POET team spent a week onsite at Batley, helping them become familiar with data entry and the outputs and analytics that POET presents.

Ongoing support

The teams hold daily and weekly meetings to understand how the data and analytics translate into actions to drive solutions, ultimately leading to improved productivity.

The POET team provide guidance throughout the onboarding process. Although POET is straightforward to use, questions and support are often needed during the initial stages of implementation.

Benefits of using POET

The Fox’s Biscuits team has observed immediate benefits by incorporating POET into their daily production and SIC (Short Interval Control) meetings. They are acting on solutions based on the insights the data provides.

Having data from one source that everyone buys into will give the business fast results and line of sight on how to harness the opportunities that the system presents.

Fox’s Biscuits now has a clear baseline of their current production performance; this will allow them to define clear objectives and create actions to achieve their productivity targets.

Paul Shepherd, Continuous Improvement Manager, Fox’s Biscuits:

“We have now established POET on all our productions lines and are now busy working on the solutions the data is presenting, POET has helped us cut down on paperwork and is giving us the time to continually improve our productivity.”

Phil Roberts, Director, POET:

“Fox’s Burton’s Companies UK are a pleasure to work with. They approached us with the aim of enhancing their shop floor data management system, ultimately to boost productivity and advance their digital transformation.

“I must admit, I’ve always enjoyed their biscuits. They produce a range of biscuits that I’ve indulged in over the years! Being associated with such a renowned UK based brand is truly a privilege.”

If you’d like to see how POET can maximise your productivity, please contact one of the team at info@poet-systems.com and we can arrange an informal chat or demo.

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